Karl Sr. ~1930~ fishin' the Weber River

     Our story began back in 1922 when Karl Winsness Sr. opened up a plumbing company to provide for the growing community of Salt Lake City.  For many years Karl was a building force in the Salt Lake valley and even today we continue to provide services for the Grandkids and Great Grandkids of these original customers!  


    About 25 years later, my father Karl Jr. returned from his service in WWII and joined the business working hand in hand with his father building up a legacy of hard work, trust and honesty.  This relationship continued into the late 1950's.

     Kevin came on as the 3rd generation in the mid 1980's and continued to serve the ever growing community of customers with the same work ethic and attention to detail.  Both Karl Sr. & Karl Jr. are gone now, but Winsness Plumbing Company continues to serve generation after generation of customers in the same manner we always have.  

     We do very little advertising and have always relied on the recommendations and kind words of our customers to grow our business into what it is today!  The majority of our customers are no longer customers, but have become friends we have served and grown with for many decades.  A lot of plumbing companies have come and gone in the last 92 years and we pride ourselves on the fact we have always been here for you and will continue to do so for a few more generations to come!  Thank you for choosing us for your plumbing needs.    

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